Friday, August 30, 2013

Hillforest Foundation Accepts the Donation of the Harris Cabin

Over the generations, previous owners of the home knew their house rested on the bare bones of a rustic log cabin. But probably very few ever guessed the true signifigence of the unique structure hidden underneath. 

Potentially the oldest pioneer cabin resting on its original foundation in Indiana, the Harris Cabin provides a glimpse at life in Aurora in the early 19th Century.

As early as 2004 local residents began to research just how old the former Ray Markwalter house really was. The current owner at the time, Marty Rahe, received permission for the Aurora Historic Preservation Committee to strip away the modifications from the structure. Rahe worked with the committee and Indiana Historic Landmarks to help determine the age of the cabin. County records indicate that the cabin was originally built around 1820. 

In 2007, Marty and his wife Maribeth generously donated the cabin to the Hillforest Historical Association.

(Nov. 2007) Hillforest Historical Foundation President Dee Hacker, left, and vice president Nancy Ray accept a deed for the 1820s Harris cabin from owner Marty Rahe.